Your personal financial partner

To me, every company or entrepreneur is unique. Everybody has their own financial situation, wishes and challenges. Therefore, as a financial consultant, it is my mission to provide you with individualized advice. My services are always tailor-made. I offer a wide range of financial and fiscal services. 

Financial Services

I can offer you a wide range of financial services like assisting with the annual reports or writing a businessplan.

Tax Advice

In your company and your private situation you will face a lot of tax issues. I am able to provide you with suitable advice.

Strategic coaching

Running a business is so much more than taking care of the financials.

As a certified coach I am capable to help you develop your company in different aspects.

Kiki Dirix

Kiki Dirix was born and raised in a village called Neer (Limburg). She grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, where both her parents are visual artists running their own art business. So the habit of creative thinking was ingrained in her since childhood. From an early age, her father took her to business events and she contributed to the business in various ways.