Your personal financial partner

"My services are always tailor-made".

To me, every company or entrepreneur is unique. Everybody has their own financial situation, wishes and challenges. Therefore, as a financial consultant, it is my mission to provide you with individualized advice. My services are always tailor-made.

I offer a wide range of financial and fiscal services. With my master’s degree in Fiscal Economics I am able to provide you with tax advice concerning a wide range of essential issues. During my banking career I specialized in handling corporate financial funding requests for various industries, including the equine industry. As a certified mental coach I am also capable of finding out about your personal ambitions so that your wishes and your perspective on the future can be fully integrated into my advice. In the end, running a business involves so much more than only financial matters!

Both my professional life and my personal life are highly influenced by my passion for the equestrian sport. This results in my motivation to focus as a specialist on the equine sector. All my life I have been active in competitive equine sport and breeding by which I have become familiar with the many aspects of running an equestrian business.

In order to offer you a complete package of consulting services, I maintain reliable partnerships with accountants, legal experts and consultants in the field of real estate. These provide me with the opportunities to offer you my services on a project basis or with long-term guidance. Whether it concerns a financial funding request or tax advice:


I am your financial partner!

Financial Services

I can offer you a wide range of financial services like assisting with the annual reports or writing a businessplan.

Tax Advice

In your company and your private situation you will face a lot of tax issues. I am able to provide you with suitable advice.

Strategic coaching

Running a business is so much more than taking care of the financials.

As a certified coach I am capable to help you develop your company in different aspects.