Kiki Dirix

Kiki Dirix was born and raised in a village called Neer (Limburg). She grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, where both her parents are visual artists running their own art business. So the habit of creative thinking was ingrained in her since childhood. From an early age, her father took her to business events and she contributed to the business in various ways. Next to running the business, the entire family was also active in equestrian sports. With passion, Kiki spent all her free time riding Icelandic horses. At a later age she also started participating in (international) contests in which she is currently still successfully active.

One point of contact for all your financial affairs.

As your personal financial partner, I am your accessible contact person. One point of contact that provides you with complete advice and takes your concerns off your hands. I like to keep the lines short.


Financial consulting

"Your personal financial partner!"

After graduating high school Kiki moved to Tilburg at the age of 18 to study Fiscal Economy at Tilburg University. During this period she also gained valuable work experience at accountant companies like RSM Wehrens, Mennen & de Vries and PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers). Additionally, she took extra language courses in French and Spanish. In 2014 she obtained her master’s degree in Fiscal Economy. After graduating, she has worked as general tax advisor at the company called Koenen en Co in Roermond for a period of one and a half years. In the autumn of 2015, she made the switch to the Rabobank where she was introduced to a broader range of financial services during a traineeship. Quickly she fulfilled the role of accountmanager within she started to focus more on the equestrian entrepreneurs located in the southern part of the Netherlands. She took part in a team of equestrian specialists within the Rabobank for several years. In 2018 Kiki also studied at Sonnevelt to became a certified Mental Coach.